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Kids Art Camp- Starts from March 1st 2024 4:00PM to 5:00PM and 5:00PM to 6:00PM batches

Kids Art Camp- Starts from March 1st 2024 4:00PM to 5:00PM and 5:00PM to 6:00PM batches

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🎨 Calling All Young Picassos! Join Our Kids Art Camp! 🎨

🌈 Let your child's creativity shine at our exciting Kids Art Camp! 🌞 From painting and texture are  to crafting and resin art work, we've got a world of creativity waiting to be explored.

1) Canvas Painting- is a creative and expressive art form that allows kids to explore their imagination, experiment with colors, and create beautiful artworks on canvas surfaces. It's a versatile medium that can be adapted to various styles and techniques.

2)Drawing and painting-

Unleash your imagination on canvas and paper, as you blend colors, craft shapes, and bring your ideas to life. Whether it's vivid landscapes, intricate portraits, or abstract expressions, dive into a world where every stroke tells a story. Let the brushes dance and the colors sing as you explore the endless possibilities of visual art."

3) Water color painting-

Dive into a world of fluid artistry. With watercolors, hues harmonize in graceful washes, creating breathtaking paintings. Blend, layer, and watch colors bloom as you craft your masterpiece, capturing the ethereal beauty of watercolor."

4) Lippan art- A traditional Indian craft, weaves magic with mud and mirrors. Craft intricate patterns and mirror mosaics on clay surfaces, creating a stunning blend of texture and reflection. Illuminate your space with the rustic charm and cultural heritage of Lippan Art."

5) Fluid art-

Pour, swipe, or tilt your canvas to orchestrate a dance of hues, resulting in abstract and unique masterpieces. Each piece is an unpredictable journey of color and movement, capturing the essence of artistic spontaneity."

6) Gold leaf painting -

Gild your creations with gold leaf. Transform ordinary surfaces into luxurious masterpieces, where shimmering elegance meets artistic expression."

7) Mix Media art-

Blend various materials and techniques in mix media art. Collage, paint, sketch — create multidimensional artworks that push boundaries and celebrate artistic diversity."

8) Resin beach art-

Craft stunning beach scenes with resin art. Envelop seashells, sand, and waves in glossy layers, immortalizing the tranquil beauty of the shore in captivating, glossy depth."

9) Collage art- Compose narratives through collage art. Merge images, textures, and memories, transforming fragments into a visual tale that's uniquely yours."

10) Wall Hanging-

Create an emoji-themed wall hanging that adds a burst of personality to your space. Combine felt or fabric with playful emoji faces, crafting a cheerful and expressive decoration that brings smiles to any room."

11) Mini canvas painting-

Embrace the bohemian spirit on mini canvases. Paint intricate patterns, dreamcatchers, feathers, and vibrant colors to capture the essence of boho style in small, enchanting artworks."

12) Decoupage- Elevate a simple glass bottle/canvas through decoupage. Adorn with cutouts of your favorite designs, then seal with layers of varnish, creating a stunning and unique decorative piece that combines artistry and recycling."

13) Glass painting-

Explore the art of glass painting. Infuse transparent canvases with vivid pigments, crafting stained glass effects that radiate brilliance and add a touch of artistic charm.

14) Texture art-

Experience art through touch with texture art. Layer mediums, incorporate materials, and sculpt surfaces to create tactile masterpieces that invite both eyes and hands to explore."

15) Zentangle 

Draw structured patterns and intricate designs, immersing yourself in a meditative art form that soothes the mind and sparks creativity." 

16) Doodling- Let your imagination roam with doodling. Draw freeform lines, shapes, and patterns, transforming idle moments into imaginative artworks that reflect your  unique style." 

Participants can explore a diverse range of art techniques and styles over the course of one  month (8 classes per month) , allowing them to express their creativity and learn various artistic skills. Choose any 8 art works you want to try. 

 Artist Name: Shalini

⏰ Schedule : 

  • Classes for March Month happen from Monday to Friday only. 
  • Time : (1st batch) 04:00PM - 05:00PM
    • (2nd batch) 05.00PM - 06.00PM

📍 Location : 

Paint Cafe Studio, #16, 4th floor, SV Atrium, ECC Road, Whitefield, Behind Bhagini Icon, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

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Please note:

  •  Paint Cafe Studio has a firm no refund policy, so tickets are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to any other person.

Public Transport guidelines :

    • Nearest Bus Stop - GR Tech Park 
      • The nearest bus stop to our location is GR Tech Park BMTC Stop.
      • Estimated walking distance from the bus stop to our location approximately 2 minutes.
    • Metro Train Station - Kadugodi Tree Park
      • If you're arriving by Metro train, Kadugodi Tree Park Metro station is the closest .
      • From the station, our studio is a short walk to our premises.
      • Estimated travel time from the train station to our location around 2 minutes.
    • Walking Directions
      • Once you reach Kadugodi Tree Park Metro station or
      • GR Tech Park BMTC bus-stop, head towards ITPL roadand take service road beside Bhagini Icon/IDBI Bank. After approximately 10-15 meters, you'll find us.
      • Look out for SV Atrium building, with sign Paint Cafe Studio at the entrance. We are located in 4th floor.

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